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The Art of Healing - Original Documentary Trailer

The Art of Healing is a 20-minute documentary exploring the role art has in healing a person's mind, body, and soul. The documentary portraits stories of people who have overcome challenges, illness, grief, disabilities and more through the opportunity to see, experience and share artistic expressions

Video production and post-production: Meybis C. Pitty

On The Wings of Performance- Original Documentary Trailer

Through personal stories of mentors and their proteges, On the Wings of Performance explores the power and impact that performing arts can have on an individual. From Puerto Rican ballet dancers displaced by Hurricane Maria to Booker High School's VPA students involved in their theater program and more, this documentary shows how the arts can change lives.

This Documentary was featured on ABC7 April 2018


Featured trailer:

Edited and produced by Meybis C. Pitty

Watch full documentary:

first 11 minutes Edited and scripted by Meybis C. Pitty


S-One Summer internship sizzle

As part of my summer internship in 2018, I produced and edited a summer reel for S-one Holdings Corporation. 

Video production and post-production: Meybis C. Pitty

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